Supporting the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises

We Support the Expansion of Domestic and into Overseas Markets
by Giving out
Grants or Subsidies



Asulight's 3 Pillars of Support

We remove barriers faced by SME owners and resolve management issues to expand the domestic market and enter overseas markets.We will be a long-term partner that bridge companies into a brighter future.


Business and Management Support

We propose website and other IT tools essential for the application of grants/subsidy/benefits and marketing strategy.


Employment/Human Resource Development Support

We provide organizational consulting on new employment, maintenance of employment, and human resource development. We propose the introduction of in-house IT tools and the improvement of organizational management.


Global Business Support

We propose overseas market expansion and management representation of Japanese SMEs and sole proprietors so that they have the global power to expand into the business market. Inbound measures are also possible.


Asulight Services

We do everything: website creation, advertisement management, YouTube management/subtitle translation, IT tool introduction, design production, and leaflet distribution. By completing everything with one transaction, we can minimize the burden on clients. You can essentially leave everything up to us.


Multilingualization Services

We support YouTube-specific subtitle translation, website multilingualization, and menu translation.


Grant/Subsidy Matching

We provide comprehensive support from proposals to receipts of grants, subsidies, and benefits, all according to client needs.


IT Tool Matching

We improve labor productivity in attendance management, customer management, inventory management, and remote work support.


Online Content Production

We will create content tailored to your targets, such as corporate websites, landing pages, and blog posts.


Business YouTube Management Representation (Video Editing/Translation)

In addition to video editing, we support channel management and video marketing that attract viewers from home and abroad.


Web Advertising Management Representation

We perform PPC advertising (listing advertising, display advertising, YouTube advertising) and various social media advertising.


Various Design Production

From paper media (flyers/pamphlets), DM postings, and signboards, we provide comprehensive support on the design, production, and execution of products.



We propose various educational and training seminars with plans that meet the needs of our clients.


We will propose the best solutions to your concerns.
Please feel free to contact us.