Multilingual Translation Services


Experienced and carefully selected translators deliver high quality, rapid, and consistent translations. We specialize in digital content translation through which we connect your business to the world.

We create and translate content such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and highly specialized instruction manuals into multilingual languages.

  • Subtitle translation for YouTube

  • Website translation

  • Menu Translation

  • Translation of tourist destination guides/signboards

  • Creation and translation of sales materials

  • Manual creation/translation

Grant/subsidy matching service


We provide comprehensive support tailored to the client's needs with regards to grants/subsidies/benefits.
We have deadlines for some applications. Check the blog for the most up to date information!

  • Career advancement grant

  • Small business sustainability subsidy

  • Human resources development support subsidy

  • IT introduction subsidy

  • Employment adjustment subsidy

  • Manufacturing subsidy

  • Work style reform promotion support subsidy

  • Sustainable benefits

IT tool matching


We will analyze your company's situation, clarify strategy and issues, and remove location and time constraints by selecting the optimal IT tool. Thereby, we remove space and time constraints and improve labor productivity to support the efficient use of grants and subsidies.

  • Attendance management tool

  • Customer management tool

  • Inventory management tool

  • Remote work support

Online content production


We will create content tailored to your targets, such as the company website, landing page, EC site, owned media, and blogs.

  • Corporate websites

  • Landing page (LP)

  • Owned media blog

  • EC site

Business YouTube management representation (video editing/translation)


We carry out business video marketing with anticipation of 5G. By communicating company operations through videos, we can use the video as a sales tool. We provide video edits and keyword-driven YouTube SEO measures.
We specialize in marketing and localizing overseas. By translating content into multiple languages, we attract viewers from all over the world. Thereby, we support YouTube video production and channel management.

  • Channel creation/management

  • Video editing/planning

  • YouTube SEO measures measures

  • Multilingual video support

Web advertising representation


We propose tailored advertisements according to client needs. The proposal is the fastest and most efficient method of attracting customers. PPC ads (listing ads, display ads, YouTube ads), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) ads

  • PPC advertising representation

  • Social media advertising representation

  • Website media buying

  • Livestream advertising representation

Various design production


We offer a service that enables significant cost reductions by performing everything from design production to delivery in a single operation. Paper media: Leaflets, pamphlets, guide maps, business cards, shop cards, or any other printables. Nationwide support for posting, DM, and newspaper. Signboard design: outdoor stands, A-type signboards, illuminated signboards, tarpaulins, etc. We handle design production to construction to installation.

  • Paper media design

  • Posting/DM mail

  • Signboard design

  • Product package design



We propose various educational and training seminars. (Newcomer education training, communication training using psychology, business English training, advertising management, YouTube management, etc.). We also run the Children's English School Miraie.

  • New employee education and training

  • Business English training

  • Advertising/digital marketing training

  • Communication training


We will propose the best solutions to your concerns.
Please feel free to contact us.